Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid ©APPA

APPA International?

History of APPA
​FSCF is a Mennonite church that serves the primarily minority residents of poor urban neighborhoods in Washington, DC. FSCF was initiated and sponsored by APPA since 1999. The Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid (APPA) was founded in 1996 to serve the poor and homeless in Washington DC by providing material aid and conflict intervention. APPA's primary goals are: to end homelessness, foster racial harmony, and promote international peace and justice. Begun as a little shelter for the homeless on 4th Street NW in Washington, DC, in the past two decades APPA has developed its programs and services to address various needs. APPA now has branches in Baltimore, MD; NYC, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; London;  Russia; Jordan; and Korea. 

Worship for the Homeless:
FSCF’s unique worship program for the homeless is held at the House of Peace every Sunday. Forty to fifty homeless people gather weekly to worship God. This church is a self-reliance church “for the homeless, by the homeless, and of the homeless.”

Legal Aid Service:
FSCF provides monthly Christian legal aid clinics. These clinics offer legal and spiritual counsel for Washington D.C.’s homeless and low-income community members with legal issues. The services allow people to pray, share meals, fellowship, and have attorney and other professionals conduct intake interviews while providing referral follow-up session if necessary. The legal aid service is co-sponsored by the D.C. Christian Legal Aid Program of the Christian Legal Society which consists of Christian lawyers.  The legal aid program’s office is open the second Saturday of every month with three-five lawyers and law school students available for counseling. When: 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Second Saturday of the Month

Ending Homelessness:
FSCF’s one of main goals is to end homelessness. They work to achieve this goal by providing several different programs and opportunities for the homeless. These include providing jobs, its legal aid service program, and its FSCF’s worship program.

Feeding the Homeless:
FSCF’s has a regular meal program that runs Monday through Saturday in several parks including Franklin Park, McPherson Park, and Logan Circle in Washington D.C. and other states. During the summer and winter, about 400 teenagers volunteer are able to help provide meals for the homeless through the program.

Summer & Winter Short-term Mission:
The Summer/Winter Short-term Missions program is a popular program for teenagers who are looking to participate in a short-term inner-city missions program. Over 400 teenagers from all over the United States participate in the program every summer and winter. The program runs for seven days and allows its participants to partake in street cleaning, gardening, childcare, and seminars and workshops that are focused on ending homelessness. Participants of the program also provide the homeless with necessities such as blankets, school kits, newborn kits, and health kits. They also become involved in several of FSCF’s programs, including the feeding program and FSCF’s ‘Homeless Experience’ program.

The “Homeless Experience,” one of FSCF’s most popular programs allows for participants to empathize with the homeless by experiencing for six hours what the homeless experience daily. This comprises of fasting (no eating or drinking), no talking, sharing benches with the homeless, and meditating on themselves – particularly about their own identity, who Jesus Christ and his disciples were, and their own thirst, hunger, and loneliness.

Racial Harmony & Conflict Resolution:
FSCF is a racial harmony and conflict oriented organization, especially for multi-racial and multi-cultural societies. FSCF has a peace-building program that provides a cultural approach to multi-racial conflict. The organization has served as mediators while providing conflict resolutions for communities through this program..

Influenced by the 1994 Los Angeles Riots, FSCF has been particularly successful in lessening the conflict between Korean-Americans and African-Americans in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Through its “Kimchi Reconciliation,” FSCF serves Kimchi, a Korean side dish, to African-Americans. FSCF has been doing the “Kimchi Reconciliation” for over ten years and has since served over 50,000 African-Americans.

Founders & Executive Director: 
Rev. Sang Jin Choi, 1-571-259-4937 (USA),