1) Alice - Pray for church and families, for peace and hope for everyone.

2) Peter Park - patients to register for medication

3) Richard McClain - prayer for everyone at Third Street Church

4) Harry M. Jefferson - pray for me and my kids

5) Tyrice - pray for my family and friends

6) Mike Ward - pray for my family and friends, everyone in my presence and prayer to relocate to North Carolina at the end of June to be with family.

7) Sylvia - speedy release of special friends, Frank & Theo. Bless me with new housing.

8) Jesse - Lord, you understand how prone we are make selfish and foolish mistakes. Forgive us and restore us please, for Your Name’s sake. Use even the worst aspects of our lives for Your glory. Amen

9) Hank Henderson - pray for the Jones and Henderson

10) Juliene Chantal - pray for my brothers and sisters that have passed away in Cameroon, Africa. Give them peace and rest.